We are proud to bring the world famous restaurant chains to Turkey, and every day we are consolidating our position in this sector with our new ventures.

The world famous FAUCHON which has been founded in 1886 at Place de la Madeleine in Paris is in Turkey now with the RMA Group privilege!

FAUCHON which has been founded in 1886 at the Place de la Madeleine in Paris represents contemporary and luxurious French gastronomy.

Fauchon, which has more than 500 stores in 42 countries, is a chain brand with different concepts. The first Fauchon in Turkey, cafe-brasserie, with restaurants and boutique patisserie section 'flagship' as since May 24, 2014, Zorlu Center in Turkey AVM Square floor every day at 10:00 from 00: 00 up activities shows.

Villa Emma Restaurant is a member of RMA Group family which adds its unique interpretation to the best tastes of the world cuisine.

TEtiler Villa Emma welcomes its guests with its all-day cuisine, large wine cellar and delicious cocktails.

This is a fascinating environment where the green and blue embrace the turquoise sea and where the refreshing summer sun and the Universal traces of ancient history shine in every corner.. The most iconic location of the Turkish Riviera is a very special corner of Bodrum, Paradise Cove...

Kai Beach, opened in its new location in Cennet Cove, Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, which is known for its international reputation and quality, took place during the 2019 summer season with its new concept and entertainment concept.

Kai Beach, which brought a new breath to the concept of entertainment with its surprise performances and projects in Bodrum in the summer of 2019, attracted great attention with its healthy and delicious menu ranging from local to universal. Kai Beach was one of the favorite addresses of food enthusiasts with its menu of Asian cuisine and Mediterranean touches.

KAI LOUNGE, the new favorite of Bodrum Yalikavak Marina, has brought the Cocktail Bar & Street Food culture to Bodrum.

The Kai Lounge menu, which serves in Yalıkavak Marina's luxury restaurant block during the summer season of 2019, includes international delicacies such as burger, hot dog, bun, caviar, as well as Turkish street delicacies such as late-night soup and kokoreç. Kai Lounge was one of the indispensable addresses of the season in Bodrum with its cocktail and presentation variety.

KAI Lounge, which adds activity to Yalıkavak Marina with DJ performances throughout the day; yachts and hotels with the possibility of takeaway was also appreciated.

Intro Cafe Shop aims to make people reach everything about qualified coffee and boutique pattiserie faster and rationally.

Intro Specialty Coffee Shop offers a different alternative with Artisan coffee, delicious Mediterranean food, French pattiserie products and excellent service.