True peace and simple comfort.

The first scene of ARIUM's boundless and frivolous vision is in the heart of Istanbul, the most beautiful city of the world, where the green and the city greet each other and the sea is approaching the blue of the sky.

Think. There are only steps between you and a century-old big city forest. You are just a few minutes away from the Black Sea and the blue sea of the Bosphorus. Stars are brighter, bird sounds are more cheerful.

You are in Kemerburgaz.

When the city calls you, there's only a couple of kilometers of 'time tunnel’ that you have to cross with your car.

Or when you reach to the Metro Station which is only a 800 metres away, the only decision you have to make is where to go: to the luxury shopping malls and Zincirlikuyu which is three stops away, or to the world's largest airport?

So when are you going to convert your house or shop that you bought on time for the investment into cash? In 2018 when the subway and the airport were opened or just a few years after that?

Or will your rental income be more attractive after 120.000 people (23 January 2013, Hürriyet) who will work at the world's largest airport strongly sought Kemerburgaz?

What about your child? Which Istanbul’s best-known, highest quality educational institution should he/she go within a two-mile radius?

That sounds good, doesn't it? But can it all be real? Is there such a place in Istanbul?

Yes, there is and waiting for you. We are preparing to meet with hundreds of architects, engineers, masters, employees and employees with a view to delivering the projects that will start at the end of 2019.

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